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How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health?

So, you’ve ditched carbs and signed up for a gym membership. That’s great! But when was the last time you made a change to your lifestyle with hopes of improving your mental health. Most of us rarely ever give any thought to the wonderful organ that is responsible for making sure everything else goes smoothly: the brain. We constantly worry about eating the right amounts of fats to keep our hearts healthy or the best sunscreen to keep melanoma away, but we rarely ever wonder what we need to do to look after our mental health. life is not easy. Even the happiest of people experience pain, loss and heartbreak. And even the smallest of chores may end up seeming like a herculean task when you’re not of sound mental health. And here are some tips on what you can do to maintain good mental health and stay happy:

Get plenty of sleep

A good night’s sleep is a luxury that most of us caught up in a hectic work life cannot afford. Getting 8 hours of sleep sounds like a fantasy when you’ve only got 5 minutes for lunch. But sleep is essential. And we should all aim to get at least 6 hours of sleep every day. The human brain needs sleep in order to properly carry out its many functions. And the lack of sleep, especially in the long run, can lead to a loss of cognitive capabilities, while putting a person at increased risk for certain health problems like heart diseases and diabetes. Prolonged sleep deprivation is also one of the main symptoms observed in patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

Move around. And have fun with it.

We all know that an inactive lifestyle is responsible for a multitude of health problems. This includes obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and various cancers but what you might not know is that a sedentary lifestyle can increase your risk of mental illnesses. Exercising releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good hormones, that work towards making you feel better and relaxed. Exercising also improves self-esteem and can help reduce stress and work as a means of breaking off from problems. Exercise promotes weight loss and can make an individual feel happier about their body and boost their confidence and help them battle day-to-day problems with ease. Exercise doesn’t always mean running or sweating profusely at a crowded gym. You can join a spin class, swim, take irish dance lessons Amaroo, take a Zumba class or even walk home from work while you enjoy the scenery. This way exercising will never be boring or feel like a chore.

Talk to someone

It’s often easier to ignore and bottle up feelings of pain, anxiety and stress. But the weight of repressed feelings can crush you sooner or later. While expressing how you’re feeling is never easy, even to your closest friends, it’s necessary. It’s important to acknowledge how you’re feeling and get help right away. You can always talk to a close friend or a family member that you can trust and you’re comfortable opening up to. Mental illnesses that are left untreated, can easily end up haunting you for the rest of your life and will end up affecting every aspect of your life, including work, relationships and your physical wellbeing.